Upcoming events

  • For more details of race times, places, and registration, go to the CBtrisports website and find the CB Roadrunners 2015 Schedule under “Schedules” tab.  Watch for registration links approximately 1-2 wks before most races, posted at limitlessracetiming.com
  • Tuesday Track  6:30PM at Atlantic St. Field.  All speeds are welcome.  It’s not about proving your speed, it’s about IMproving your speed.  So c’mon out!  We run for about 1 hour.  This is interval training – short segments of hard efforts with some easy rest in between to recover.  It’s the best way to improve not only your race times but also your overall fitness and health.
  • Friday Breton Brewing Beer Run – we roam for foam!  Every Friday from Breton Brewing on Keltic Drive.  Run at your own pace, and for as long as you want, but meet back at 6:30PM for beer with the crew.   EVERY FRIDAY!
  • Sunday Sept 25th  Coxheath Trail Run  This is a challenging run, but a gorgeous course and perhaps the best prizes of any race on our series.  Register at Knox United Church at the trailhead in Coxheath.  The run is approximately 8K and takes you up, and then down, Coxheath Mtn.  Advance signup at limitlessracetiming.com CBRR POINTS SERIES RUN
  • Thurs Sept 22nd  First Crustacea Master’s Swim of 2016. Details at cbtrisports.com
  • Sunday Oct 30th  Annual Pumpkin Run  Kids run plus 5K adult run.  Register/start at Petersfield Park in Westmount.  Discount for those who wear a costume.  CBRR POINTS SERIES RUN.
  • Sunday Nov 6th Run the Lakes.  A challenging 10K course on the beautiful golf course at Ben Eoin, plus a kids run.  Enjoy the soft running surfaces and the cool fall weather.
  • Saturday Nov 12th End-of-Season Pursuit Run and end-of-year CBRR awards ceremony.  Come on out and test where you stand against your peers in this unique format race.  Head starts are based on age and sex, and the first person back across the finish line is the winner.  Come on over to the end-of-season awards ceremony for some snacks, drinks, and war stories afterwards.
  • Saturday Dec 3rd Annual James Delorey 5K. Although this is still 2016, this is actually the first points series run of the 2017 season.  Mostly flat course and cool temps great for a PB.  CBRR POINTS SERIES RUN
  • Sunday Dec 11th Annual Ugly Sweater Run – this is a fun run in support of

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie-Eve Dion
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 11:20:48

    Hi there, I was wondering if you knew where I could donate some gently used running shoes. I know there are lots of organizations but I was hoping to donate them locally. Thanks !


    • Chris "Bighead" Milburn
      Nov 21, 2012 @ 11:51:09

      Locally groups like St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, (I think) Crossroads, and (I think) the Diabetes Association take shoes.
      There are some great groups in Canada that get the shoes to 3rd world countries for people there, but none out of CB thus far. Maybe something someone can take on in the next few years…


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